"It's A functional piece of art"


the story of the lighter

Art lighters first came on the scene in the earlier nineties. While living in the bronx, a friend had a corner store seen my lighters and thought they were great! he would give me a box of lighters to take home and paint then he would sell them in his store. People started liking the lighters and they started to become my calling card. I was known as "boff" lighter. Boff being my nickname, short from my last name Bonfiglio became a name piece on the bottom of the lighter and my artist's name. People always tell me, "I still have your lighter, and it still works!" Art lighters last longer than the standard lighter simply because of the artistic coating. there is no mistaking, each lighter is "One of a kind". Like a snowflake no two are the same, which makes them so unique! I also make limited edition lighters along with personalizing them which adds to the fun of owning one. i hope you will find joy in this "uniquely functional piece of art" which is sure to catch the attention of others.

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Light it up with our Ultimate Blunt Enthusiast's Swag Bag! Featuring a sleek Blunt Holder for a sophisticated grip, complemented by Handmade Art Lighters that are unique works of art. This curated collection also includes rolling papers, creating a ritual of refinement and style. Upgrade your smoking experience.

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View upcoming shows and exhibitions, showcasing the designs of Art Lighters. Don't miss the chance to own your personal masterpiece. purchase your favorite design on the spot.
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